Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A few previous works

I bow my head

I bow my head in shame.

I read some of my old blog posts and now I bow my head in shame.

I read some of my old blog posts after sharing a wonderful meal with an Iraqi man and now I bow my head in shame.

I read some of my old blog posts after sharing a wonderful meal with an Iraqi man and although I realize how racist my words are; I am still ignorant of all that is Iraq...and now I bow my head in shame.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Old Blog (2006): DWI

So, It's Saturday morning- about 5:15am. I'm gonna go to Golds to work out before I gotta be at work in Winston at 7. It's a great day, stars are pretty...Poe in the c.d. player. For an instant, I think that maybe I'll just go to the gym in Winston cause you know, it's closer to work. But, no. I like my gym and they make a mean chocolate protein shake. So, I detour towards the Palladium. I come off the ramp of the 311 bypass. I'm gonna turn left onto Eastchester when the damn light turns green. I've got my seat belt on, headlights work, no frost on the windshield, turn signal on...green light. As I advance into the intersection, I quickly look left...no time. I remember screaming, "Oh my God". In one thousandths this may equal a second. That's all I had. He didn't slow down, no brakes, no scid marks, not even a swerve. He was drunk. .08 is the legal limit. He blew a .21 while I was being cut out of my car. As soon as he hit me, I was in shock. I screamed oh my god oh my god. I didn't know what hurt, no clue what was going on.

I heard voices around my car.

Then, he appeared. The man that hit me was standing outside my broken window. He was yelling in slurred speech, "Are you ok?","I got a phone". "I'm not from here, I don't know where we are", "I'm from New York" "Oh man, I pissed myself" "You ok? I pissed myself" "Look! I'm pissin' myself".

That's when she stepped in. Her name is Betty. She saw everything. She saw him run through the red light. She stopped to help me. She made him return to his car. She called 911. She calmed me down. She asked if I was in the Army. I said "yeah, why?" She said, "Because all your gear is thrown across the highway"

This fucker hit me so damn hard that my trunk popped open and all my army gear flew in every direction on the busiest street in High Point. I suddenly came to my senses. "Please secure my gear. Please, it's Army property, please find my things" Betty was worried about me...I couldn't feel my left leg. "OK" she said. Betty found all my things and safeguarded them for me.

The firemen showed up first. They were amazing. I had intense pain in my back, under right ribcage and still couldn't feel my left leg. They brought out the jaws of life. My face was covered with a tarp and they broke through my car like carving a Thanksgiving turkey. When my doors came off, the 1 foot intrusion into my left side was relieved. I could feel my leg again. I was still spitting out pieces of glass when they started asking me questions. "No sir, I'm the only -spit- one in the car-spit". My neck hurt. They held c-spine and put me on a ked until they could get me on a spine board...and that's where I stayed...for over 3 hours, strapped to a spine board.

They didn't know if my back was broken, or my spine, my organs ruptured? Or how about the intense pain I suddenly developed in my right leg? So, I remained a hostage to the board...forced to drink solutions with springtime names like "lemonade"-so they could take contrast ct scans of my abdomen. ...forced to "go" in a bed pan. Thanks for the wipe nurse. ...Humiliating, miserable...but alive.

Thank you Betty, Thank you EMS crew, Firemen, HPPD..even though you released my assassin back onto the streets...Thanks to all that love and care for me. I am truly blessed...and in serious need of a new car.